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Hi, this text is for the google guys, I hope you don’t mind and if you do mind I don’t give a dam. Just ignore this lines and let the google guys do their job!! Tags: , news, blog, yaniv, ben, simon, Yaniv Ben Simon, hebrew, jewish, arab, palestine, intifada, update, search, israeli, newspaper, jerusalem, tel aviv, maccabi, basketball, flickr, middle east, west bank, peace, quotes, portal, maccabi, hapoel, electra, war, army, nature, gun, pistol, soldier, shelling, d-spot, fans, fan, surfing, old, Anthony, Parker, Nikola, Vujcic, Tal, Burstein, nokia, yad, eliyaho, lior, Beretta, cannon, 10d, 40d, lens, photoshop, adobe, flash, flex, iphone, apple, bicycle, mountain, sport, europe, euroleague, photograpy, design, air, force, helicopter, jet, flight, tag, migdal, cup, www.ybs.co.il,יניב בן סימון, מכבי תל אביב, חדשות, צילום, מאמרים, ישראל, תל אביב, ירושלים, צבא, ביטחון, יהודים, מוסלמים, נוצרים, יורוליג, כדורסל, בלוג, עברית, פלסטינים, ערבים, הפועל, מלחמה, טבע, פליקר, שלום, ברטה, קנון, אוהדים, אייפון, עיצוב, אקדח, תותחנים I grew up in Qeeryat Shmona Israel, from an early age I loved drawing and photography. In my teen age years I was a fan of underground graffiti so much that the authorities where looking for the artist (me) in the local newspapers of the small city up north…. I served in the air force and after the army I moved to Tel Aviv and studied design. In 1996 I entered the Web field and never left it even though it has its ups and downs. Today I incorporate between two things I love, photography and design. I cover the basketball team Maccabi Tel Aviv in the Euroleague and in the local league for the official Web site. I'm also a student for political science and media. In a nutshell, I'm doing what I love to do and I'm making a leaving out of it so I can safely say I'm happy where I am. These days I still live in Tel Aviv doing all the things you just read about, I'm hoping to move to the country side some day where I can listen to chickens in the morning and relaxing music in the evening. When ill be there ill update the page you just read :) Text Version